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About MFF

MEDIA FACADES FESTIVAL EUROPE 2010 will explore the networked possibilities of urban screens and media facades via internet and new technologies on a European level.
The format of the MEDIA FACADES FESTIVAL reflects on the increasing presence of massive-infrastructures with digital visual elements in public spaces while investigating their communicative function in the urban environment.
The festival will show especially developed art projects in Europe-wide Joint Broadcasting Events which aspire to share dreams of the different cities and report about local issues and exchange peoples’ stories and ideas. The media facades will be transformed into local stages and open a global window for cultural and societal processes to create a dialogue and connect the local public virtually with the other places throughout Europe.
MEDIA FACADES FESTIVAL EUROPE 2010 is initiated by Public Art Lab, Berlin in cooperation with:
iMAL / Brussels
m-cult / Helsinki
FACT / Liverpool
Ars Electronica Futurelab / Linz
Medialab-Prado / Madrid
Kitchen Budapest / Budapest

Opening 27th August 8 PM @ Kitchen Budapest

Megnyitó Megnyitó Megnyitó Megnyitó Megnyitó

3–5th September 8-10 PM Lánchíd 19 Design Hotel

Blow a wave to the facade and change the hotel's color!
We have built a blowing-sensitive device which is connected to the facade of the Hotel. If you are blowing the device it starts to light and send a data to the facade. After few seconds you can see a wave on the facade that you made.


How it works?

The facade of Lánchíd 19 Hotel was controlled by three handmade PCB broad creations. The electronics of the work consist of an Arduino Mega and a shield especially made for this project, cooling fans acting as blow sensors, LED lights, speakers, amplifier and a sound card. The interaction software of the work is written in Max/Msp, which communicates with vvvv that controls the dmx lighting system, using OSC protocol through wireless network.

Palace of Arts 27–29th August 8–11 PM

You can change the colors of the facade with a keypress!

What would you like to see? If the Palace of Arts is blue? Or yellow with purple? You can change the color very easy way. With an online site you can choose 10 colors for changing the facade of Palace of Arts. You can play with the colors and change the "spirit" of the building.

How it works?

The website was an HTML5 application (as well as the iPad kiosk), which communicated with a php script on the backend. A custom processing.org script polled every 10 seconds the backend, requesting for an ID which represented a color setup for Müpa's facade. This processing.org script then sent that ID through a serial connection to Müpa's light controller system.

3rd September 8:30 PM @ KiBu (Budapest), Linz, Berlin Live Coding Performance

With this event we will realize a technological quartette or quintette performance without borders. There are programers who will perform together at the same time but from different places (from Budapest, Linz and Berlin).

The performance generates music and visuals in real-time, utilizing live coding, which emphasises the expressive possibilities afforded by programming languages as a means for defining and manipulating computational processes. The aesthetics of the performance is determined by the programming method, in which all musical and visual materials are built from elements found on the spot.